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 4Seasons Gaming Player Rules

    Tournaments Introduction

  • It is assumed that all players and teams are familiar with the rules below. Lack of knowledge of the rules is not a valid excuse for breaking them.
  • Penalties for rule breaking will be at the discretion of the 4sg Administration team. Penalties may range from warnings to being banned from all future 4sg activities.
  • IRC usage is required for all tournament participants for communications purposes (#4sg on, or use our web IRC client.
  • Contents

    Tournament Format

    Admins and Referees


    General Conduct


    Referee's and Spectators in-game

    Pauses/Time-outs and Breaks

    Forfeiting & Player/Team drop outs

    Match Submissions

    Maps and Map Selection Process

    Cheating & Aliasing


    Attitudes both in-game and in Forums

    Lagging and Disconnections

    Admins and Referees

    Administrative Responsibility

    Referee Responsibility

    Tournament Format

  • Tournament formats will vary depending on the tournament. Check tournament specific rules for further clarification.
  • Once a tournament starts, the format will be set and is unlikely to change. If you have a format suggestion for future tournaments, we are always willing to discuss. Contact 4sg Administration team on IRC or the forums.
  • Tournaments may be split into multiple divisions based on skill, at 4sg Administration team's discretion. This is to ensure that players of all skill levels can have fun while playing.
  • Players/teams may be able to choose a division preference, or dispute the allocation of certain teams to certain divisions, but the Administrative team has the final say.
  • Player/team seeding for group stages is performed by the tournament administrators based on prior performances.
  • Player/team seeding for playoff stages is performed by the tournament administrators based on group stage performances.

  • Admins and Referees

  • Admins and Refs will supervise all 4sg run tournaments. However, that is not to say that all games will be refereed. In general, we expect teams and players to be self-sufficient. Players/teams have the right to have a referee or admin decide upon any dispute, and have the right to request a referee for any of their games. Depending on availability, a ref or admin will be assigned.
  • Admins and Refs are here to help you enjoy the game. In doing so, we expect to be treated courteously and respectfully, as we are voluntarily putting in time in order for you to have a good time. Referees have the right to kick players who abuse them and who continue to do so after one clear warning.
  • A player that has been kicked is banned from the rest of the match and the clan must complete the rest of the map with a different player, or one player down. No matter how wrong you think a referee is, stay polite; being abusive won't help. If you think that the referee has made the wrong decision, but you can't convince him otherwise, inform another admin/ref - either at the time - or after the match.
  • You can check the official team on our staff page. If a player is claiming to be staff and not on this page, alert an admin immediately.
  • Any complaints about admins or refs should be taken directly to Mickzerofive. It is advised that you provide a demo to give your claims credibility, screenshots or console dumps are less credible as they can be forged.

  • Prizes

  • Prizes change for each tournament, and are subject to change after announcement but not during competition run-time.
  • In the event the prize is for a team tournament, the captain will receive the total amount. It is up to the team to distribute between itself.
  • Cash Prizes: If an NZ player/team, wins a prize, one NZ player must have a paypal account, due to conversion costs.
  • Teams or players who forfeit finals matches will not receive any prize, even if they would have otherwise been entitled to a prize due to their final standing.

  • General Conduct

  • All players must be on good behavior, and put aside past incidents or bad experiences with other players to avoid flaming, abuse, and bad sportsmanship. We do not accept trolling on the forums, nor do we accept it in matches. Any unsportsmanlike behavior will be dealt with strictly.
  • /say binds are allowed, but not to an excessive extent. In particular, binds are not to be used with the intent of irritating/aggravating opposition players/teams.

  • Servers

  • Where possible, all games should be played on privately spawned servers.
  • The server location to be played on will be one which gives the least amount of difference in ping between both players, Eastern or Western advantage. The server which does will be used for all maps in that game.
  • In the event the reverse pings on servers are equal or within a difference of 5 from each other, an allocation of 1/2 of the maps will be played on each players home turf with the higher seed choosing which server is player for which map.
  • In the event a tie breaker is needed. The total frag difference will be calculated between the two opponents for the whole match with the player holding a greater difference choosing the server.
  • If frag difference is equal a coin will be flipped by the Administrative team.
  • Due to public being able to spawn servers, admin's must receive passwords to player spawned tournament matches. If players refuse, the match will not be counted.

  • Referee's and Spectators in-game

  • We understand people love to watch games, as do we. Referees will upload their demos of finals matches after the game.
  • Spectators are to remain silent throughout the game. In-game chat can potentially disturb the concentration of the players. Furthermore, if the match is being streamcast, this rule is particularly relevant, and will be enforced.
  • Spectator trash talking will be dealt with strictly, with a kick from the server being the absolute minimum penalty.
  • Captains may request for a completely private game with no specs and this must be enforced, an exception will be made for anybody streaming, shoutcasting or administrating and they must be allowed into the server, (there must be proof of streaming/shoutcating)
  • Captains may also request only team members cannot spectate the match, in which event any non-team member or player deemed to have a serious conflict of interest (this must be proven by the accuser) must leave the server. They are however still allowed to substitute players inbetween maps or in the case of a disconnection with no possible reconnection

    Pauses/Time-outs and Breaks

  • Duelers are allowed 1 time-out per map via /timeout (in the console).
  • Teams are allowed 3 time-outs per map via /timeout (in the console).
  • Pauses are only allowed by the referee or admin of the match.
  • Please note the difference between pauses and timeouts. Timeouts are called by a player and last for 30 seconds; pauses can only be used by refs and admins.
  • For 1v1/2v2: The maximum total pause time is 5 minutes per map. If a player is having particularly bad network problems, he may request an additional 5 minute pause once during a match in order to restart, reconnect, etc. This will be up to the discretion of the ref/admin.
  • For team games: The maximum total pause time is 10 minutes per map per team. A single pause can last no longer than 5 minutes (again, the time it takes to restart and reconnect). The server will be paused no more than 3 times for the same player's problem (eg. repeated lag bursts) during the entire match. After that, the player will have to play through lag bursts or find a replacement from his teams roster.
  • Breaks between maps will be 5 minutes for 1v1 and 2v2 matches, and 10 minutes for 3v3+ matches. This is negotiable between the participants. However, if a team/player complains, the 5/10 min rule will be enforced.

  • Forfeiting & Player/Team drop outs

  • A forfeit-win can be claimed by players/teams who schedule a game at a certain time and the other party does not show up. A minimum of 24 hours notice must be given if a reschedule is required in order to avoid this penalty.
  • If the inconvenienced player/team agrees to a reschedule, then the game will be played as normal. However, if a forfeit-win claim is made, the 4sg admin team will instantly award the forfeit-win. Disputes can be started by contacting 4sg admins on IRC or the forums.
  • Players/teams will have 15 minutes after the scheduled time to get organised and in the server or the opponent can claim a forfeit-win.
  • If neither player/team makes an attempt to schedule their match and the last day that the match can be played passes, the 4sg admins reserve the right to award forfeit-losses to both teams. Other penalties may also apply.
  • As a matter of etiquette, please consider other players/teams and provide them as much notice as possible if you are unable to play at the scheduled time.
  • If a player/team wishes to drop from the tournament, they may do so. Penalties, if any, are at the discretion of the 4sg Admin team. Teams that would have played the dropping team will receive byes for the remainder of the tournament.

  • Match Submissions

  • All players MUST record demos of all their official games.
  • On completion of matches, the winner is required to post the results (and preferably demo(s)) to the designated forum topic. Information about how to do that can be found here.
  • In situations where there is a dispute over the result of a match, demos must be provided by request of the admin/referee.

  • Maps and Map Selection Process

    Every tournament has a different map list and will be listed before signing up

    Every tournament has a different map selection process and will be listed before signing up

    In the event players are on equal overall points, map differences for that stage will come into play

    If map difference is equal between the tied players, then frag difference for that stage will be counted

    Cheating & Aliasing

  • Mostly common sense.
  • In the situation of suspected cheating/aliasing, either involved party may request the demos from the other party during a match conflict, as long as they have a valid reason for wanting the demos. We note that the program “Quake Live Demo Tools” allows you to run any POV demo, and then view the game from the POV of any other player within range. Before complaining or requesting another players demo, players are required to check for themselves using this tool.
  • Demos must be kept until the result has been accepted by the admins, and for at least 48 hours after the game. If either party decides to request demos in case of a conflict, they must also explain their reasons for doing so and post an official conflict on the 4sg forum within 24 hours of the game in dispute.
  • Admins will decide in any disputes regarding cheating. Any player that is caught cheating will be removed from the tournament & possibly all future tournaments.
  • The same goes for anyone that has misrepresented themselves by using an Alias to register. Players found registering under more than one alias, without notifying an admin, will be removed from the tournament and all future tournaments.
  • Handicap settings may not be used. Any usage of handicap settings will result in the match being considered thrown, and that player will be expelled from the tournament and possibly future ones. Any betting/match fixing that goes on will result in similar punishment for all involved parties.

  • Teams

  • All teams should be listed on the signup thread and/or page
  • Teams are to signup with atleast the minimum required amount of players for that tournament, with or without subs this does not matter
  • Players are to be assigned to one team per tournament, and are not in any circumstances allowed to play or 'ring-in' for another team. In the event a player is caught dual clanning he/she will be penalised in the competition with the result of the match-in-question turned into a win for the non-penalised team
  • Teams are allowed to use fill in player(s) that are not signed up for any participating teams within the tournament, however the player(s) will then be locked into that team for the remainder of the competition
  • During games teams are allowed to substitute players but only in between maps or during a game in the case of a disconnection/lagout.
  • Captains are responsible for their teams behaviour and case by case subjects will be held to determine punishment for individual rule breaking

  • Attitudes both in-game and in Forums

    All players must be on good behavior, and put aside past incidents or bad experiences with said player to avoid flaming, abuse, bad sportsmanship. We do not accept trolling of forums, nor do we accept it in matches. Focus on your game, and any unsportsmanlike behavior will be dealt with strictly.

    Smileys are allowed but not to an excessive extent. No smileys may exceed the character limit of 7 and they are not to be pressed in a repetitive consistant manner within short time spans. This will be judged by our Admin team and will be enforced this duel competition.

    Lagging and Disconnections

    Lagging is defined as any ping consistently reaching over 100ms. If a player is lagging, the player can do one of the following:

  • If the match is not being played on the last day it is allowed to be played, the lagging player may play on and finish the match, or reschedule with the other player.
  • If the match is being played on the last day it is allowed to be played, the lagging player may play on, or forfeit the match. If you frequently have problems with internet connectivity, we suggest you try and get your games played before the last day, in order to avoid being caught by this rule.
  • The match admin will pause the match whenever a player overflows or crashes. The pause may last no longer than 5 minutes (enough time to reboot and reconnect). The maximum total pause time is 10 minutes per map per team. The server can be paused no more than 5 times for the same player's problem (i.e. repeated lag bursts) during the entire match. After that, the player has to play with his problem or be replaced. Tactical timeouts are not allowed.
  • In the instance a player has lagged or dropped during a duel: - The match is to be restarted with the previous results and time accounted for. The restart is played with the remaining time left before the disconnection and with the same scores that were standing before the disconnection.
  • - If, however, both players agree to restart, the match will restart and the previous score will be ignored completely.

    Administrative Responsibility

  • Handle registration and player seeding (final say on our panels decisions)
  • Organise groups for their respective divisions
  • Forward complaints to myself, and handle any easy-solved problems
  • Spectate Matches, and Record footage from both players
  • Ensure they are actively around to help get newer/less tournament experienced players get in contact with each other
  • Help decide on rules/maps
  • Enforce the home and away server system for WA participants
  • Will get to watch the finals live

  • Referee Responsibility

  • Forward complaints to myself, and handle any easy-solved problems
  • Spectate Matches, and Record 3rd Person demo's
  • Enforce the home and away server system for WA participants
  • Will get to watch the finals live

 Thank You

The 4SeasonsGaming Administrative Team thanks you for taking the time to read our rules and hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable gaming experience. Our rules intended to promote fair play and to ensure you have a good time. If you feel any of the rules above are not fair, feel free to contact an Admin on IRC or on the forums.

On behalf of the Tournament team,

Thank you

Mickzerofive - 4SG Founder