Eight Quake Starters Tips

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Eight Quake Starters Tips

Postby Zennus » 22 Mar 2010 10:49

8 Quake tips for beginners.
I have written these tips for beginners who are enjoying the game and wanting to take it to the next level. It’s important to note that I am no pro. At the time of writing this I would most likely put myself at the division 2 /division 3 level. However, this advice is aimed at new players and I believe that at the least it will promote some outside the square thinking for our up and coming players.

1, Weapon selection:
Mastering any particular weapon in Quakelive includes knowing when NOT to use it. Think logically about what weapon prioritises in any given situation. Factors that will contribute to this decision are position and path and the hit points of both you and your enemy.

Rocket Launcher for close fights, Lightning Gun for medium range fights and rail gun for long range fights. Plasma can be useful for all three but is hard to master, grenade launcher is good to lock down door ways or check on opponent position, and mg can be very handy in range situations if you don't have a railgun to take off a few extra hitpoints

2, Think outside the box:
Solid foundations alone can win you the game. But throwing a curve ball every now and then can win you the game. But remember that it's about assessing risk.

Foundations like timing obviously have a massive impact on the game, it is an skill in itself to be able to keep track of the time on armors/powerups/mega around the map. Thinking outside the box can be important as well, ie: if my opponent has quad in a team death match and I hide, then how can he take advantage of having a quad damage with 0 kills. Another example if I have the flag and always go the same way it can get quickly predictable, changing flag routes often in a match can be tricky for your opponents to keep track of

3, Play people better than you:
Don't be afraid to lose. Remember that Quakelive is amongst the most competitive online games in existence today. There is always someone better than you - Take advantage of this. Playing just above your skill level is the best way to improve.

Patience, patience, patience is what it takes for you to get better, especially at dueling. But for modes like clan arena, ctf, tdm it will just come from practicing, watching better players, more practicing and then a little bit of self analyzing.

4, Conscious thought:
When practicing. Before each game you should keep one or two practice objectives in mind. Simple examples could be weapon specific objectives like effective use of plasma bending when playing defensive or timing a particular item. After a match make a mental note about what worked and what didn't etc.

It is a great skill professionals and skilled players have to be able to adapt in their mind through-out a game what's working, and what's not. You won't be able to do it straight off the bat, but when a situation becomes familiar ie: the match before your enemy kept taking your powerup in ctf, quickly think what you could do to prevent it or cut them down from doing it so often.

5, Teach someone else:
You will be surprised how much you learn and how much you already know if you introduce someone new to the game and get them started by teaching them how to play. Putting things into words and explaining your knowledge of the game, no matter how much experience you actually have can help you gain a better understanding of the game. You will be surprised once you start talking just how much you do know and you will most likely wind up teaching yourself something. This also helps you to identify a few flaws in your game.
The other great thing about this is that teaching your friends to play not only contributes to our quake community but enables you to enjoy the game with your buddies. Let’s face it, we all invest a fair amount of time into this hobby/sport and without a new players we cannot guarantee that we will be able enjoy the benefits of the time we have all spent playing this great game.

6, Armor shards and health bubbles:
Don't ignore armor shards or +5 bubbles. Especially when your opponent has control of the map. Shards and bubbles are your friend. usually found in strings of 4 or 5, The 25 Armour or health boost can always make a difference and it's a good habbit to get into.

7, Calm down:
Chill out before the game. Realise that you are either going to win or lose. If you lose, you lose. If you win, you win. This sounds simple but entering a game with this mindset can reduce a lot of pressure and make the game a lot easier. Not to mention more enjoyable. Some players have a pre-game routine before they play to help them get in the right mind space. This could be something as simple as a few deep breaths or washing your hands in warm water.

Last but not least. In my opinion the most important tip of all...

8, The bigger picture:
A good player must understand that decisions made both inside AND outside of the game have a huge impact on your progression and your ability to perform to your potential.

Regular sleep patterns, reasonable diet, making sure you get enough exercise - All of these things have a HUGE impact on any athlete. You will find that you are surprised what you are capable of when you apply some solid basic life style foundations.

I hope that these tips will get all you new players thinking about how you can step your game up. Now go forth and conquer And remember to have fun!

- Zennus
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Re: Eight Quake Starters Tips

Postby mick05 » 22 Mar 2010 23:07

lovely guide zennus, I threw in a few quotes you can change what ever you like. This is up on the guides page mate great work! A guide for starting out, from a person who just started out? :D
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Re: Eight Quake Starters Tips

Postby Cholesterol » 25 Mar 2010 16:38

not a bad read
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