IEM World Championship Interviews!!

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IEM World Championship Interviews!!

Postby mick05 » 17 Feb 2010 00:25

It's rolling on closer and closer we get to the IEM World Championships and as usual we see lot's of website writers searching and hunting down the World IEM Quake Live Competitors for a one versus one interview. vs. SK- rapha
Presents EM Quake Live: Group Stage Interview with SK- rapha
You mentioned that you practiced with Cooller a lot before the Event. So what did you expect before the game and what do you think about how it went?
rapha: Well our styles clash and I have the feeling that we know each other inside out. There were so many times where one of us tried to attack and he was just shot down immediately. Or we would know that one of us is waiting in a certain area to catch the other out, so we would always choose the right path to run away. The first mistake normally costs a match, so it is about who will do less mistakes during the game. I did too many yesterday and he managed to win and rightfully so. I hope I get to face Cooller in the final but if I don't, I am not worried about it. I am only worried about getting into the final. vs. SRS-RAZeR av3k
av3k Pre-Final Video Interview: I didn't want a restart vs. Cooller vs. EG. DaHanG
Presents EM Quake Live: Group Stage Interview with EG. DaHanG
Let's talk about the most recent interview with strenx. He wrote that you denied him to spec with the words "STFU private server", while you watched him play in previous games.
DaHanG: First of all I didn't read the interview, but I played stermy and strenx several times and we were all on the same server together spectating each other. Then I played Cooller on my own time and strenx wanted to spectate, but there was no reason for him to do this. He kept messaging me during the game and asking for the password while I was playing, so I told him to shut up and kept playing. Also keep in mind that while I played Cooller, Chance joined the server and Cooller asked him to leave and there was no problem there, so I don't understand what strenx's problem was. It was no big deal in the first place, this sort of thing happens all the time. I'm surprised this is relevant in any way. vs. mouz. fox
Presents EM Quake Live: Group Stage Interview with mouz. fox
Here at the event, players like Cooller study demos or do practice games, while you seem really relaxed. How serious do you take the IEM World Championship?
Fox: Honestly, at this point I felt like every win would be like a bonus. But I still know, if I am going to practice, I am not going to learn anything new. I think it would just be about self confidence and getting solid aim. I can still perform well, I know that from Cologne. vs. 4K^ Jibo
Presents EM Quake Live: Interview with Zhibo 'Jibo' Fan
I heard you've spent a lot of time watching demos from other IEM Finals participants before your semifinal match. Did you find out anything special?
I started watching demos since my first practice day. I didn't know anything about 1on1 in QL, so I needed to learn up from the lowest level. I even watched some demos two or three times, from both POV. After this, I started to collect puzzles for my tactic in this game.
The special is: Demos are like a book, aim is like a labs - combine them and you will own. vs. mouz fox
Presents EM Quake Live: Interview with Magnus 'fox' Olsson
Do you think that you would have performed better today if you'd have put that time into Quake Live?
Yeah, better, but it's not a big difference. I'm playing Quake since ten years now, so I won't learn anything revolutionary. Perhaps I would have a more stable level. Practise only helps you to get more stable, not how far you can get on a high level if you have a good game I think. vs. EG.DaHanG
Presents EM Quake Live: Interview with EG.DaHanG
With the great final in the qualifiers, beating a player like rapha who seemed unbeatable for a long spell, does that give you a lot of confidence going to the World Finals with such a win under your belt?
Yes, in the sense that I know I can do very well and I have it in me. The biggest factor is my state of mind before the event, which is based on how well my practice is going. If I lose a lot in practice games, that's going to affect my confidence much more. You can't really have bad or mediocre practice before an event and perform at the highest level. vs. mouz Cooller
Part 1 - Life gave me a chance
Part 2 - Death asked me to put ZeRo4 out
Part 3 - This is why I'm Cooller vs. fnatic.Strenx
Presents EM Quake Live: Interview with fnatic.Strenx
I want to beat people who spend their lives playing, those who takes it seriously. Then if I do that, I will just prove that its bullshit to train a lot. I will just say “that’s bad, you wasted your time for nothing”. When you do perform badly and you know you trained 24h/24h for months, how do you feel? vs. EG. Chance
Presents Quake Live Interview with EG. Chance
Sponsorship deals and large multi-gaming teams are still very rare over here in Australia. Would you be able to tell us the player benefits of being with a large pro-gaming sponsor?
First off, it is because of our sponsors that I’m even able to be considered a “pro gamer.” Without our sponsors, I wouldn’t be able to travel or experience gaming on the levels that I am.

EG has lifted a number of burdens off of my shoulders. When you’re a gamer looking to take any game seriously, the first barrier you’ll face is the sheer cost of it all. Hardware, travel, and food are just a number of expenses that will put dents in your wallets, and with EG, I don’t need to worry about any of that! vs. ESL Carmac
Presents Quake Live Interview with ESL's Carmac
I know you are a very strong supporter of Quake Live, and you were the one who was pushing for it to be a title in the ESL Extreme Masters. Are you happy with the result, and how the competition has been going so far?
How could I not be happy? Quake Live delivers very dramatic matches and amazing entertainment. We've built a unique relationship with id Software - they've supported us with big things like running LAN tournaments and smaller ones (but not less important) such as congratulating our winners on banners. With their help we've made sure that everyone that plays Quake Live knows the faces of our champions. vs. SRS-RZR Av3k
Presents Quake Live Interview with SRS-RZR Av3k
Did your friendly relationship with Cooller change after the European IEM? You must admit, that Cooller's behavior was lacking sportsmanship.
It changed. Cooller complains about everything that's possible. Cypher is lucky, this one is lucky, that one is lucky. I am the best, but you're lucky, lala lala, so for now I enjoy the lack of conversation with him, because I got tired of it. Yes, he's the best, Russia owns, let him live in his dreamworld, but at least behave normally then. I didn't want any rematch. He persuaded me, and then cried that he could have not given the rematch. Then a wave of complaints onto everyone that beat him, those with who he managed to win are the future champions, because they played so genius, that he beat them because he was smarter, and me and Cypher play so stupid, that he is too smart for our style of play and can't predict what we want to do :/ vs. coL dkt
Presents Quake Live Interview with coL dkt
Do you feel you have had enough time to prepare for the finals?

I never stopped playing after Edmonton, so yes, I am prepared. However, I was using 120hz, because I wasn't expecting to go to Germany, so I'll have to use this next week to get used to 75hz on the monitor.
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Re: IEM World Championship Interviews!!

Postby capitalisamsux » 17 Feb 2010 02:53

nice, gl ;)
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Re: IEM World Championship Interviews!!

Postby mick05 » 07 Mar 2010 16:54

updated :]
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