Live Match Betting

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Live Match Betting

Postby mick05 » 31 Oct 2009 17:19

That's right folks, the 4SG Team, Mainly Zlr, Ghostile with a bit of help from Forky and Myself have successfully converted and constrcuted a live match betting config for all you E-Game lovers!

Found here the live match betting allows players to actively bet on their favorite players and or favorite teams in each mode. Australian for now, but will be very highly considering international competitions in the near future.

Basically all players start with $1000 in their 4SG Bet Money Bank! Players must bet at least 20% of their current standings on a single match they chose to bet on, which allows for multiple bets on multiple games, recommended to spread your money evenly cos we would hate for you to lose all your money on the one match!

The interface features a clans system, for those of you who might not follow along as close as some of us do :) so even if you don't play quake and just love computers or simply love to bet this is still right up your alley!

A ranking system found here displays a top 100 of the best 4SG Betters, and obviously the top 10 on the home page

Prizes for the end of season winner (for this seasons it will be after the 2v2 comp finishes mid December) so you've got nothing to lose! Give it a try

If you're interested in creating an account players can only use their forum accounts to login so if you don't have one yet it's easy and quick to register!

We hope everybody loves to gamble, cos it's the next best thing to actually losing real money ;) We will be setting up a betting help forum to support the addiction


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Re: Live Match Betting

Postby xujo » 01 Nov 2009 10:21

Good stuff buddy! I'm all in on your sister

Re: Live Match Betting

Postby zlr » 04 Nov 2009 13:53

also keep in mind we've got a few people all chipping in with the work that goes into the betting and it will be constantly improved over time!

so if you don't like it look back in a week or so and see what's changed/been added.
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