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  Quake Live - 50% Steam Sale!

Posted by phy1um on Thu, 26th November 2015 @ 10:58am

If you missed out on snagging it free, grab it now for only 5 American dollars.

  4SGv2 Alpha Tournament Testing

Posted by mick05 on Mon, 9th November 2015 @ 11:58am

Hi all,

Tim, Casey and myself have been working hard in the background on creating a better hub for the future of Quake Live and similar games. Starting very early December, we'd like to run two alpha tournaments for the new Quake Live; one for duel and the other for 2v2 clan arena. As it is only alpha everything will feel a little unfinished and areas of the website will be locked down on purpose as they are not even alpha ready yet.

The following information is all Tournament related

End Goals and Objectives:
- To create a start to finish tournament system to be used by the general public including statistic tracking, score submission, prize allocation and server handling both for players and those who wish to be organisers
- To make it easier for sponsors to get involved in both smaller sized and larger sized tournaments
- To create immersive and interactive format combinations to allow for a diverse and unique playing field

What has been created for Administration:
- Create tournament with changeable start/end date
- Supports up to five divisions simultaneously
- Supports multiple game modes including team and 1v1
- Individual signup or team signup
- Easily manage seeding, signups, divisions, format, modes, round configurations
- Generate brackets of any size between 4 and 256 teams/players
- Bracket management: admin override scores, forfeit players, reset match results + more
- Single & Double elimination ready

What we will be testing as Competitors:
- Score submissions done on website, no waiting for admins to update scores
- Easy signups for individual or clan
- Brackets updated instantly once both players have submitted scores (page refresh)
- Individual player/team stats such as kills, deaths, KD ratio, wins, losses updated instantly.
- Player/clan profile global game stats updated on tournament completion

We've created our own 4SGv2 Bracket system:
The 4SGv2 brackets are 100% custom, developed to be a fully dynamic database driven bracket system. The seeding, bracket advancement, score updates, final standings, wins and losses are all calculated and updated on the fly without any administrative intervention.

Planned features not yet implemented:
- Group stages and round robin systems with the option to move into bracket finals.
- Server Handling
- Totally unique tournament formats that have never been seen before
- Ladders

What we are looking for:
Expressions of interest. The alpha testing will be done all privately (invites only) for now. We would like to make sure 2v2 Ca and Duel would be the most popular game modes people are interested in playing in (for now at least). We'll look back on this thread in a week or two and reach out to those showing interest here. We are primarily wanting to test functionality and getting feedback on that so the more outspoken people the better

  Quake Live release (28th-29th.) (edited again)

Posted by tjone270 on Thu, 22nd October 2015 @ 8:36pm

UPDATE 2: The date's been extended again, for reasons unknown to me. Guess they're trying to get it right.

UPDATE 1: There has been a problem with the dedicated server crashing under certain systems, due to a faulty steam library that attempts to check for AVX support on the current CPU, and crashes if there isn't any, rather than continuing as it should. The date has been moved forward to the 27th (this Tuesday).

As far as I know (subject to delays, should they arise), the new steamworks Quake Live will be released on the 25th/26th of October. (no, read above)

You can switch to the new version without the need for a product key now, if you have the regular steam-based Quake Live, by right-clicking on Quake Live in your library, > Properties > Betas > Select the beta > Sneak peek. Click this link for an informative GIF:

Please note, switching to the new version will remove the old version. Undo this by opting out of all beta versions using the instructions above.

All players on Quake Live Testing, please switch to the beta branch of original Quake Live, as most servers will now be moving to the new beta branch. Consider Quake Live Testing depreciated.

Your current Quake Live steam configuration will become live on the beta branch, no need to do file transfers to get it to work. Quake Live Testing players that've changed their config inside Testing, need to copy it out of that 765*\baseq3 directory to the old one for it to re-activate.

I'm unsure if beta Quake Live will pull your standalone config data if you're using non-steam Quake Live. You may have to copy the files manually:
The standalone files are here: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\home\baseq3\
The steam files are here (x86 people, remove the (x86)!): \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Quake Live\765*\baseq3
The testing steam files are here (x86 people, remove the (x86)!): \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Quake Live Testing\765*\baseq3

Happy Quaking :D

Console users, I recommend running "/con_scale 1" once in, as the writing's pretty small :)

  Guide for Migrating to New Quake Live

Posted by phy1um on Tue, 20th October 2015 @ 12:00am

Note: Australian servers will be available in the coming update!

The next big update is coming by the end of the month (probably), and when it does Quake Live will be Steam only. The standalone launcher will no longer work, and your accounts will be gone. Here are a few things you should do before the update arrives:

  • Go screenshot your QL profile, so that you have a record of all your hard fragging.[/*:m:2ihr6lwk]
  • If you haven't moved to Steam yet, download it -[/*:m:2ihr6lwk]
  • The first time you run QL on Steam, you will be asked to transfer your existing account.[/*:m:2ihr6lwk]
  • Put your Steam account link in your QL profile description, so people can add you.[/*:m:2ihr6lwk]
  • Likewise, add any people important to you on Steam.[/*:m:2ihr6lwk]

This update marks a huge change for Quake Live, and this is the first time we will be able to run our own community servers. There will also be community maps, via the Steam Workshop. It's the same game as before, but I can confirm that there isn't a single loadout server running in Australia right now!

Remember to join the 4sg Steam group:
Also, the Aus/NZ Team Game organisation group:

  2016 - Intro to Europe

Posted by intro on Tue, 13th October 2015 @ 11:50am

Hi all, i am in the process of organising a trip to Europe and staying there for several months after Christmas. I would compete in all of the tournaments over there and be able to show off some of the skills that us high caliber players in Australia and New Zealand contain. I am presenting this to you as i am wondering who would be interested in donating for me to head over. I am confident that i will win a lot of prize money and win the majority of cups that are run so i would be able to pay all donations back to donators without an issue. I am still unsure of what the costs will add up too, i am still in the process of looking for flights and accommodation so i will be sure to get back to all of you when i have more information regarding this. Anyway, if you are happy and willing to donate please let me know in the comments, it is much appreciated. I plan to get a donation link up and running in the next few weeks. Thank-you.

  Steam Group for QLTest CTF/TDM/CA

Posted by phy1um on Sun, 11th October 2015 @ 6:37pm

If you don't have a QLTest key yet, add Lion QL Key Man on steam:

Join this group and discuss when we should play games. I've made an event for Saturday the 17th. We have lots of servers with nothing going on, so let's get some big team games happening! :D

  2 v 2 CA comp Monday

Posted by offthepage on Fri, 2nd October 2015 @ 11:13am


I'd like to try and run a quick 2 v 2 CA comp on Monday 5/10
NSW time: 4pm start
NZ time: 7pm start

Format: round robin, best of 3, new CA rules.

Maps: To be announced.

Would need 6 teams to run this.

Teams so far:
1/ Pit - Gubben, Cug
2/ Mzry + ?
3/ Casper + Jolteon?
4/ otp + ?

  QW Australia

Posted by phy1um on Mon, 21st September 2015 @ 5:32pm

There has been some recent interest in playing QuakeWorld - team modes and duel! While QL is down come and play some real Quake.

It's easy to jump in. There's an installer called nQuake which does all of the setup - you can just run the game and start playing. It also includes bots for offline. Download that, and come to on Quakenet to find some games.

IRC Webchat:

Retro Hype Video:

Spoiler: SHOW

  Australian QL Server Downtime

Posted by phy1um on Sun, 16th August 2015 @ 3:21pm

Some information about the recent Australian server downtime from another thread for the frontpage.

e: Formatting of quotes is broken on the frontpage. The information is in the first reply to this thread.

Basically, hang in there guys. There will be official Aussie servers back soon, and more servers than we know what to do with after the next update.

  Future QL Servers

Posted by mick05 on Sat, 8th August 2015 @ 10:48am

Hi all, thought i'd address this publicly since I've had two private messages regarding this already. We will 100% be putting up QL servers and will have a greater assessment of need vs demand once the new version is released. We are very interested to at least get a server going in most states, maybe not necessarily for tournament play but so people can enjoy low ping where ever they are (ie: Vic and Qld). So far our server guy (who is a Quaker - PCBOY) has said Current available locations are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Shortly NZ as well.

As the money will be coming out of Tim/Casey and I's pocket we are happy to accept donations for the servers. I don't know what sort of features will become available, for example, in-game badges or icons, if anything then we will obviously provide this for donators as a thanks.

We are very interested to firstly create a private server booking page and depending on capability, develop our own custom systems to provide a more entertaining experience outside of the game. If the release sparks a strong resurgence of players we could easily see either our old/bigger 4sg tournaments come back or a LAN on the cards early next year (feb perhaps).