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Posted by phy1um on Sat, 13th September 2014 @ 2:42pm


OPEN ELO Duel comp this Friday 19/9 at 7:30pm AEST

Signup by posting in this thread before 7:20. Check-in via QL between 7:20 and 7:30.

Competition will be double-elim (means you need to lose two matches to be eliminated. May change to Single Elim if too many sign-ups). Add your opponents on QL friends. Ask admins to spawn you servers if you need. Report scores in this thread.

Please look at the brackets for how many games in your set. The BEST OF # will be above in the round title. Please ask if you're unsure how many games to play!

Stream: 4sgtv
Brackets: (Watch this space after the signups close)

[size=125:1kvpqjh4]Maplist: Blood Run, Aerowalk, Furious Heights, Toxicity, Lost World, Sinister, Cure
The format will be on the brackets (including the pick ban format and whether games are bo1, bo3, bo5)

Signup Requirements:
- All skill levels welcome!
- Must have played 18 full length duels to participate (no aliasing, unless you make it clear who you are when signing up)

Rules and Administration: (NEW!)
- Players will be added on Quake Live by one of the admins during the signup period.
- Check-in to an admin on Quake Live
- If you cannot be contacted for 5 minutes (generally counted from an admin message) you will be forfeited.
- If you will be away for more than 5 minutes, post in the thread to let us know. We might be able to keep you in the comp.
- If you are not contacted by an admin during sign-ups or check-in, post in the thread to let us know.

If there are any questions about these, or anything you feel could be clearer, please let us know!

Communication is really important between players and admins in these competitions. If you are ready for a game and you can't contact your opponent, let us know quickly so that we can keep everything moving smoothly. If you think an admin has missed your message, posting in the thread is a safe way to make sure that we hear you. If you don't contact us, we assume the best!

Anyone who wants to help with streaming, casting or running things please comment in this thread or send me (phy1um) a PM. We really need help keeping track of results, handling disputes, and getting games lined up to be played on stream.

Admins: phy1um, intro

Reigning Open ELO Champion: Python

All previous cup winners:
[spoiler:1kvpqjh4]- <1250 sic1
- <1450 condiments
- <1450 payatot
- <1450 judge_au
- <1650 Traits
- allELO Phyrigian
- <1250 Perc3nti
- <1450 Yokh
- <1800 danny
- allELO Python
- <1450 p0pe
- <1650 chr1stoph3r
- <1800 xthrx
- <1250 payatot
- <1650 blakius
- <1850 Intro[/spoiler:1kvpqjh4]

Current Signups: p0pe, Important, perc3nti

  CTF Draft Comp TODAY - Checkin thread

Posted by mick05 on Sun, 14th September 2014 @ 10:14am

GGWP to Mango Team - Dosadi, instinctt, _sanctuary, intro. Thanks for everybody who joined in

Brakets -
Teamspeak server
Grrrdian Team - DisruptioN, Perc3nti, Dice, own4d
Mickzerofive Team - baest0r, Casp_, oldwick, John0
Mango Team - Dosadi, instinct, _sanctuary, intro
Clc Team - DiscoG, Wynne, BwaiseY_nz, Neotrope

Tournament Day: Sunday 14/09/2014
Tournament Starts: 12:30pm-1pm
Expected runtime: 3-5 hours
Ruleset: Classic
Map pool: Spider crossing, Future crossing, Camper crossing, Japanese castles, Iron works, Siberia, New Cerberon
Map Picking: By Captains, Cointoss, drop, drop, pick, pick, drop, drop, remainder
Format: Double Elim - BO3

  Quake Live Update - September 11, 2014

Posted by NinjaMango on Fri, 12th September 2014 @ 10:37am


Today's update brings us a new announcer voice, several new in-game reward medals, new Play Now playlists including public standard servers for all game types, and a round of polish to address outstanding issues.

New Announcer Voice, along with New In-Game Reward Medals!

Combokill, damage with one weapon, and follow up with a rail kill.
Rampage, gib three opponents, each within 3s of eachother.
MidAir, kill an airborne enemy with a projectile.
Revenge, kill a player who has killed you 3 or more times since you last killed them.
First Frag, awarded to the player who earns the first frag of the match in FFA or Duel.

New Playlists

Players may now select Playlists from the Play Now menu that host multiple game modes. When playing on these servers, during the end-game map vote players will be able to vote to transition to a new game mode. All playlists are available for all players to join. Current playlist include:

Team Combat: Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Freeze Tag.
Clan Arena
Free For All
Capture the Flag
Variety Pack: Attack & Defend, Harvester, Instagib FFA, One Flag CTF, Red Rover, and Quad Hog FFA.

Code Updates:

Restored lightning gun knockback (while maintaining it's recent damage reduction).
No longer dropping Machinegun in Classic.
Damage Indicators now show the total shotgun damage dealt.
Added spectator support for Damage Indicators.
Enemy skulls now drop from fallen carriers in Harvester.
Obituary messages now queue, so that we don't lose death messages.
Obituary icons now fade out after displaying.
Item pickup icons now fade out after displaying.
All reward medal icons now fade out after being displayed.
Added Infected VO when you're turned!
Added Go! VO on Race countdown
Added Bite! VO on Infected countdown
Simplified flag VO (your/enemy instead of red/blue, and reduced amount of VO in places).
Reward VO randomizes between 3 variants for Impressive, Excellent, Humiliation, ComboKill, Rampage, MidAir, Revenge.
Fixed a bug with Holy Sh*t, it would trigger when dying near your empty flag stand.
Fixed Weapon Toggle when switch to empty is disabled.
The "Vote Yes / Vote No" callvote popup menu no longer appears during Intermission votes.
Fixed the Invert Mouse option in the controls menu.
Fixed not being able to pickup items after a score in Freeze Tag configured with no round delay.
Tweaked distance fading behavior for item timers and powerup indicators.
Added Pause support for world item timers and powerup indicators.
Added cg_itemTimers to disable timer pies.
Added cg_flagPOIs to disable flag POIs.
Improved weapon auto switch behavior with empty primary/secondary weapons.
Fixed stetched caster/compHUD respawn timers
Allow weapon drops in A&D w/ loadouts.
Removed g_weaponRespawn from rulesets so that the option would work in Create Match.
Restored the zombie speed 1.15x
Fixed quadHog POI shader.
Added Your Team Scores / Enemy Scores in place of Red/Blue unless you're spec.
Removed red/blue scores and rank change (lead taken / lead loss) from Attack & Defend, because these events only occur at the time of other VO playing (flag taken, round over, etc).
Updated preview shots on the callvote menu to match the new levelshots.
Default to the smaller text for low ammo warning.

Map Updates:

Almost Lost - QA fixes.
Asylum - QA fixes.
Battleforged - Fixed floating ammo pack near pg/ra
Brimstone Abbey - Fixed floating ammo.
Campgrounds - Fixed DOM initial spawn locations
Demon Keep - Fixed levelshot.
Dredwerkz - Fixed floating ammo pack near LG
Eye to Eye - Disabled loadouts, let the map give the weapons.
Japanese Castles
- Converted non-ctf chaingun to hmg
- Fixed art alignment
- Removed info_rune_start points.
Grim Dungeons
- Fixed floating ammo box
- Fixed ceiling texture misalignments
- Fixed floating ammo packs
- Added a drop down at GL
- Changed the 50hp at GL to a MH, and placed it at the bottom of the drop down.
- Added shards in drop down hallway.
- Removed MG
- Moved HMG to center of the map, moved PG to a side wing.
- Disabled LG and RG from loadouts.
Hell's Gate - QA fixes
Retribution - Fixed floating ammo.
- Fixed missing medkits
- A few fixes, model origins were in solids. Converted the geo in question to detail brushes.
- Fixed a shader issue found on Siberia, no lightmap stage.
Space CTF - lg loadout disabled
- Clipped the barred gate door.
- Integrated DOM ents
- Fixed a gap at the new mid stone model
- Added levelshot
- Fixed cellids
Vortex Portal - Fixed spawn orientation

  Winners - August POTM 2014

Posted by NinjaMango on Sat, 6th September 2014 @ 3:31pm

1st zlr - 6 votes

1st cthulhu - 6 votes

1st python - 6 votes

kaetor - 4
intro - 4
reduxable - 3
wch - 3
404 - 3
sanctuary - 3
disco - 2
ljgda - 2
camma - 2
blakius - 1
kvlto - 1
grrrdian - 1
hardy616 - 0
phy1um - 0
rep - 0

I have decided that this will be my last POTM compilation.

An extraordinary amount of hard work goes into creating and compiling these videos every month, but unfortunately, with real life commitments, the amount of free time that is necessary to keep up with the demand is just not enough. It's been a lot of fun running the POTMs for the last 7 months, and I want to thank everyone who has supported me through it. It's always nice to have an outlet to express your creativity and passion in things that you love to do. I didn't think I would be as sad as I am to let it go when I started writing this paragraph, but I will miss it.

A big thanks to everyone who submitted demos over the course of the comp. Some were awesome. Some were a bit shit. But all of them were appreciated. <3

Compilation Video

Voting Guidelines
You may vote for as many entries as you like.
Each vote is worth 1 point.
The entry with the most points wins.

This Month's Entries
disco -
grrrdian -
kaetor -
intro -
ljgda -
camma -
hardy616 -
phy1um -
python -
kvlto -
reduxable -
blakius -
wch -
cthulhu -
zlr -
404 -
rep -
sanctuary -

  CTF Draft Tournament Sunday 14th Sep

Posted by mick05 on Thu, 28th August 2014 @ 3:53pm

In light of the modernizing recent update and myself finally getting internet at my new home. 4seasons Gaming are proud to announce the first Capture the Flag Draft Tournament in the new modernized Quake Live. The idea behind a draft tournament is to allow newer players the opportunity to play and learn along side and against experienced players. This will be achieved through dividing the teams into 2x highly experienced players and 3x newer/lesser skilled players. Teams of 5 will be picked by captains with the in-game team size being capped at 4 with 1 substitute rotating each round (just in case of unexpected change of individuals plans). For those who are interested please head over to 4Seasons Gaming and signup. Information about the competition below

Tournament Day: Sunday 14/09/2014
Checkin on 4sg between: 11pm-12pm
Captains drafting happens: 12pm-12:30pm
Tournament Starts: 12:30pm-1pm
Expected runtime: 5-7 hours
Ruleset: Classic (maybe Quake Live depending on feedback)
Map pool: Spider crossing, Future crossing, Camper crossing, Japanese castles, Iron works, Siberia, New Cerberon
Map Picking: By Captains, Cointoss, drop, drop, pick, pick, drop, drop, remainder
Format: Double Elim - BO3

Signup in this thread with this format


Exact QL Username:
Experience in QL or CTF:
Read the rules here
I understand that you have to check in on the day between 11pm-12pm: Yes/No

Signed Up List
1. Intro
2. Grrrdian
3. Clc
4. Perc3nti
5. Mickzerofive
6. John0
7. Bighat
8. winegum
9. Mango
10. Casp_
11. renzokuken
12. baest0r
13. c@m
14. blayze

  Quake Live 1.9

Posted by kvlto on Thu, 28th August 2014 @ 2:32am

image capture


Quake Live Update - August 27, 2014
Last month at QuakeCon we announced that Quake Live would be coming to Steam and with that expansion take on some new gameplay changes and features. At that time, we did not have many specifics to share as we were poised to keep an open mind as to what our future would look like, and wanted to see how we could introduce a wider audience to the game we so dearly love. Quake is a masterful game of skill, often compared to Chess by its veteran players. However, with that depth has come a challenge to welcome and capture new players long enough for them to discover the joy to be found in what many consider the finest Deathmatch game ever made.

For some of us that joy is simply nostalgia of our early days, an introduction to online FPS that ushered in a new era of gaming. For many it is a love of mastery, striving to become better in a competitive world that seems to have no upper bounds. It is a game of limitless growth where the movement, strategy, and perfection of aim seem to be an extension of our human selves where hard work, dedication, and confidence can translate into a measurable improvement that brings a great pride to our players. While Quake will always be a home to the competitive base, we have often longed for a wider audience who could experience, appreciate, and fall in love with all that it has to offer.

For new players, it has been quite clear what the greatest barriers are: effectiveness on spawn, movement, and item control. These elements on several levels also make our game great, so we wanted to see what could be done to make the game a more enjoyable experience, all while teaching players a bit of the meta-game depth.
We tested several ideas including granting players better starting weapons and compared that to the lessons learned in Clan Arena where players get to try out various weapons and see their effectiveness each round. We found that providing the player one single "primary" weapon of their choice in addition to letting them have a bit more freedom as to which "secondary" they spawn with allows players to try out various weapons and become more effective on spawn which has been the key complaint of newcomers. Meanwhile we still want to highly encourage picking up weapons throughout the arena, so we have minimized the amount of ammo granted on spawn so that players will continue to roam and gather both weapons and ammo. Allowing the new behavior of choosing some starting weapons greatly improved the experience in modes such as FFA and TDM and helped make some of the more chaotic modes like Domination quite enjoyable. Hence, Domination will now be ran publicly for all to play.

Additionally we wanted to find a way to teach players a few core bits of information concerning item timing. We have introduced item timers, present transparently in the world (not on your HUD), that all relay item respawn information under the following design guidelines: Each item timer has a radial display divided into slices. Elapsed time is drawn as solid slices. Each slice represents 5 seconds. Active regions are represented by blinking slices that blink once per second. The timers should adequately teach players when an item is about to respawn or when it is better to move along even without this knowledge. And as players continue to play, they will begin to understand exactly how much time elapses per slice and can begin utilizing the timer indicator in coordination with their match timer to know when items will become available. To both minimize visual noise that the timers could incur and to prevent an unnecessary flood of information throughout the world, item timers are only visible while in close proximity, gently fading in as you approach.

The final hurdle for new players to overcome was strafe jumping. We wanted to preserve strafe jumping as is, as both its intentional use and its subtle influences as you traverse the map are what make Quake feel incredibly smooth and responsive. For many of us, learning strafe jumping came naturally or for long time players was simply the foundation of our FPS experience. But we wanted to assist players and provide them with a simpler means of movement to allow them to keep up the pace as they overtime learn to more fully benefit from strafing. A basic "bunny" and auto-hop mechanic has been introduced that allows players to simply hold forward and jump to build up some speed. However, because the new bunnyjumping only provides a limited amount of accel gain, and is only effective on straightaways, players will still need to learn strafe jumping over time – we hope that this new mechanic will allow both general movement and gameplay to become more accessible encouraging them to continue to play so that they may over time become more accustom to the finer side of Quake.

But ultimately these changes have not been introduced for the new player alone. We feel that these elements overall help bring Quake one step closer to being a modern shooter, while still holding true to our roots of remaining an incredibly fast paced old school shooter. We've had a lot of fun with these new additions, and hope that you learn to appreciate them.

For players who have taken great pride in becoming skilled in our more challenging areas such as competitive Duel, we hope that running our FFA and Teamplay servers with these new, fun, and accessible mechanics that we can begin to build a larger base of players who could then try their luck at the Classic Duel experience. Here players will have to shed their new skin and play under slightly more challenging conditions, but ones that we know have proven themselves true in the e-sports arena.

The Quake Live Team

These new changes have been encapsulated within the default Quake Live ruleset:

New Quake Live Ruleset
Players may now hold jump to continuously jump.
Players may now hold forward and jump to 'bunny hop', allowing them to slowly gain up to 2x their base movement speed.
Introduced Loadouts in select modes; allowing players to select one Primary Weapon (hmg, rl, lg, rg) and one Secondary Weapon (sg, gl, pg, mg).
Added the command "weapon toggle" to toggle between your Primary and Secondary weapons. Defaults to "f" for new users.
Unified weapon respawn time to 5 seconds across all game modes.
Unified friendly fire, disabled across all game modes.
Added global Ammo Packs, in lieu of weapon specific ammo, where each pack grants you a small amount of ammo for each weapon in your inventory.
Reduced ammo respawn time from 40 seconds to 10 seconds.
Added in-world item timers for "major" items, including armors, megahealth, power-ups, and medkit.
Items have taller pickup collision boxes, so that players will not miss items as they jump over them.
Added Power-up Spawn POIs, that appear 10 seconds before a power-up spawns.
Added Power-up POIs, that indicate when an available power-up is available in the arena.

For players who wish to largely avoid the new major changes, the legacy style of play has been preserved within a "Classic" ruleset. All of our public Duel servers run in Classic mode. Subscribers may host additional classic servers using our "Create Match" feature. This includes the launching of Standard Classic servers, which any player may freely join.

In addition to our major ruleset changes, the following global game changes have been made:

General Game Changes
Added a new weapon, the Heavy Machinegun (HMG).
Lightning Gun now does 6 damage per cell across all rulesets, or 120 damage per second.
New higher resolution font added.
Widescreen Support for huds (see default huds for implementation examples).
New in-game UI (menu and loading screens).
Disabled the pk3 encryption. Paks can now be opened like a zip file; maps load up to 25% faster.
Added flagstand POIs in CTF.
Enabled self-kills with an additional 1 second respawn penalty.
Quad firing sound reduced on high rate of fire weapons: mg, pg, cg, hmg.
Added damage number indicators for damage dealt, can be customized by various color styles and enabled or disabled per weapon.
Fixed a bug in that could cause the best weapon selection to fail.
Machinegun now drops to grant users mg ammo.
Infected zombies now have air control and can double jump.
Fixed the CHEATS ENABLED notification on the map loading screen from lagging behind its proper state.
Reduced the default amount of player movement bobbing.
Reduced the default amount of damage kick movement.
By default, don't show weapons you don't have in inventory on your weaponbar.
By default, bob major items when simpleitems are enabled.
Prevent broken shader image on crosshair '30', '60', '90', which would equate to crosshair "none" as the cycle repeats.
Bots now randomly select loadouts, when applicable.
Greatly reduced multiple pickups prediction errors.
Removed the option to move to FreeCam while dead in elimination based gametypes.
The PQL ruleset has been renamed 'Turbo'.
Stonekeep map layout slightly modified.
Trimmed out 19 maps will be added back later after being updated. (Arena Gate, Bloodlust, Colbat Station, Concrete Palace, Dies Irae, Double Impact, Eviscerated, Focal Point, Forgotten, Golgotha Core, Hell's Gate Redux, Hero's Keep, Power Station, Proving Grounds, Sacellum, Solid, Sorrow, Space Camp, Spillway, Terminal Heights, Terminus)

Create Match Features
Ruleset selections (Quake Live, Turbo, Classic) are all available for standard servers.
Now support custom values of starting ammo in AD, CA, DOM, and RR.
Added optional Double Jump physics player movement mechanic.

Arena Changes
Removed Team Arena Runes from all maps.
Proxy Launcher removed from all maps.
Chaingun and Nailgun removed from serveral maps.
Heavy Machinegun added to serveral maps, some depending on ruleset or mode.