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  Summer 2015 Divide Cup | Starts 6pm AEST

Posted by winegum on Tue, 30th December 2014 @ 5:33pm

*CHECK-INS OPEN* login at

Registered Players check your email for check-ins details and server password

The Divide Cup is finally here! Starts 6:00pm AEST, Saturday, 24th January

If you aren't registered yet, head over to and register now!
Registration will close 30mins before the comp starts at 5:30pm AEST.


Spoiler: SHOW

Map Pool:

Spoiler: SHOW


Spoiler: SHOW


Spoiler: SHOW

Links: Stream, Divide Cup, ESR Thread, aeol stream


The stream will show on as soon as the countdown is finished

  4sg WarmUP Map Pool Decided

Posted by mick05 on Wed, 14th January 2015 @ 8:32am

Since the recent influx of map pool discussion over the last two months and due to the recent announcements of the Dvide Cup and 4sg Summer Warmup we left it open to the community to have a say on the map pools for both competitions. After much discussion between the supporting cast for both tournaments we made a decision to align our tournaments and came to a final arena list based on a few factors which we feel encompass a fair pool for the return of seasoned players and the rising of new blood. Factors as mentioned: unique diversity seen among all the continents; huge variance in suggested pools from the community; popularity among both the participating duelers and returning (invited); balance of weapon and play style meta in the game; the timing of the tournaments between the last major tournaments and the unproven success of the proposed changes in any recent Oceania competition.

The map pool for the 4sg Summer Warmup will stand the same as the Dvide cup as: Bloodrun, Aerowalk, Furious Heights, Sinister, Cure, Toxicity and Lost World. All qualifiers and group stages of this competition will be enforcing the pick-first pick/ban phase order. This is to embody a home-away feel into the competition and also to motivate participants for the coming of Quake in the year 2015. This will be the first of many competitions through-out the year of which we will be learning and changing as we progress. As mentioned already we have been receiving a lot of supportive donations from the community and have decided to invest these donations into future competitions to keep the flow of tournaments steady through-out the year

If you want to sign up for the WarmUP these will be open up until the checkin start of the competition - click here

  Summer Warmup 2015 (Feb-March)

Posted by mick05 on Wed, 24th December 2014 @ 7:24am

Hi all,

As we have been really quiet lately Zlr, clc and I have decided to give everybody a tiny sample of what we have been working on. As such we will be running a small competition starting with a $500 prize pool on our new website, donations welcome to increase the pot. Please try to keep an open mind when using the page, that this was strictly put together so we could run a sample tournament, it will not be the final product. Everything is still a WIP but all feedback is welcome through the appropriate source - private message or e-mail myself through these message boards (please don't fill this thread with website specific comments).

We can use help with the qualifier tournaments, streaming, casting if people wish to put their hand up to help run the days private message myself and i'll get you added to the page. There will be 10 invited players, 4 open qualifiers and 1 private qualifier. More below

Click here to be taken to the tournament page


This competition is to open the year for Quake Live and 4Seasons Gaming. Testing out our new website we will be running a medium sized competition with a starting $500 prize pool split among the top 8 players. Good luck and enjoy!

  Showmatch - Strenx vs Cypher

Posted by intro on Fri, 26th December 2014 @ 12:58pm

Scheduled: Saturday, 27 December - 5am AEST

Map Pool: Lostworld, Aerowalk, Campgrounds, Vertical Vengeance, Furious Heights, House of Decay, Proving Grounds
Prizepool: 70$ (10$ for every map) + donations.


Spoiler: SHOW

Predictions (post your prediction in the comments)

Spoiler: SHOW

*SPOILER* Results

Spoiler: SHOW

Stream, ESR Thread

  Merry Christmas to all

Posted by Dv8 on Tue, 23rd December 2014 @ 6:19pm

Merry Christmas and a happy new year , hope you have a good one without any fear !

To all at 4sg and -PIT-

Spoiler: SHOW

  125fps Nov/Dec League Finals

Posted by intro on Mon, 22nd December 2014 @ 10:22am

1/8th Round Results and VODS

Spoiler: SHOW

1/4th Round Results and VODS

Spoiler: SHOW

Semi Finals and Final
23rd December, Tuesday, 5:00am AEST - evil vs agent
23rd December, Tuesday, 5:00am AEST - cypher vs ash

Stream, ESR Thread, 125fps Site

  the "dvide cup"

Posted by winegum on Sun, 21st December 2014 @ 7:59pm

Bren and I have decided to run a duel comp on the 3rd of jan.
the"dvide cup"
Time will be 8pm NZ, 6pm NSW, 3pm WA, I feel this is the best time to accommodate all of the community.

$100 1st , $50 2nd and a $50 spot prize which will be drawn at the end of the games for all participants .

We are open for ideas / suggestions to make this comp enjoyable for everyone
rules, map pool, tournament layout etc will be finalized in the next couple of days after discussion

There will be a HD Stream available with Bren and I having a crack at casting

If your keen to help out, let us know

i dont know how to duel?
add me, bren or another dvide member on ql friends and we can teach you the basic fundamentals to get you going

will you actually pay out unlike other previous comps?
as soon as the comp has finished

you guys are awesome!
yeah we know

  Duel Map Pool

Posted by intro on Sun, 21st December 2014 @ 1:46pm

Yo we've had this same map pool for a while and i think we need a change, please vote 2 maps that you would substitute for new maps. I was thinking of adding silence back in and then battleforged if we can. Silence is not entirely new to us, we use to play it, it was in the sydlan 2 map pool so we know that it goes good. And battleforged, it has been in the last few 125fps leagues and it looks like it plays out well.

Personally i would get rid of bl2oodrun as its boring and old and also lostworld because it is probably the most least played map in the pool atm. In the duel cups that we have run lost world rarely gets played.

Latest European 125fps League - Aerowalk, Cure, Furious Heights, Battleforged, Sinister, Lost World, Silence
Latest North American Duel Cup - Furious Heights, Aerowalk, Toxicity, Bloodrun, Cure, Sinister, Lost World

Please click on the actual thread so you can see the poll and vote :)
Please comment your opinions aswell as just voting.

  Christmas CTF - Tonight, 7pm SYD

Posted by intro on Sat, 20th December 2014 @ 12:48pm

GAME 1 -

GAME 2 -

You might have seen this server appearing in your server list -

28 Players, 14 vs 14 CTF on the map Silent Night
Tonight, 7pm Sydney time
Lets see if we can fill this server up!

Tell your Friends!

  Tiered Duel ODC

Posted by phy1um on Sat, 13th December 2014 @ 11:24am

Tonight at 7:30pm AEST we will be running 2 duel competitions!

Top Tier: Open - Winner: Phyrigian
Low Tier: Everyone other than Fridgey and Dox - Winner: Merchant


Stream: (testing out Hitbox - please give feedback)

Signup in this thread, make sure to mention "open" or "1500" in your post. Check-in here or on QL by 7:20pm.

Sign-up Requirements:
-Must have played 200 duels
-Must have 2 days of game time
-1500 ELO and under, where applicable
-Check your ELO at

Competition Information:
- Brackets will be double elimination (you must lose twice to be eliminated, please check the brackets!)
- The number of matches to play (best of #) and pick-ban order will be in the brackets
- Map pool: Blood Run, Furious Heights, Aerowalk, Cure, Sinister, Toxicity, Lost World

Rules and Administration:
- Check in via Quake Live or IRC. Please accept any admin friend requests!
- If you cannot be contacted for 10 minutes you will be forefited
- If you have to leave for more than 10 minutes, let us know and we'll try to keep you in the comp
- You are expected to play on your main Quake Live account
- Alternate accounts may be used if specifically allowed by an admin. You must be honest about who you are, and all players have a right to know wh otheir opponent is
- You must record and store demos of your games, which may be requested by an admin (cg_autoAction 1 will make demo recording automatic)
- If players cannot agree on a server, the server with the lowest ping difference must be used. Check this with an admin if needed

Admins: phylum, (?)
Signups: Phyrigian (open), dox (open), iem (1500), feralcrab (1500), kvlto (1500), Merchant, f0oster,