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  4sg Summer Warmup Duel Final Standings!

Posted by phy1um on Mon, 30th March 2015 @ 10:53pm

The 4SeasonsGaming Summer Warmup duel competition has finally come to a close. Thanks to all of the people who have participated and watched the streams. Special mentions again to Mick05, zlr, f0oster, Reythe and Mystic for their donations! Flair is also a cool dude, for streaming the finals in HD with Storm and I.

1st Fraze ($175)
2nd Camma ($100)
3rd Winegum ($65)
4th Intro ($50)
8th Storm ($40)
8th Traits ($40)
8th Josh ($40)
8th Stelf ($40

  4sg Summer Warmup Finals!

Posted by intro on Sun, 29th March 2015 @ 7:06pm

The 4SeasonsGaming Summer Warmup competition draws to a close on Monday March 30th with playoffs beginning at 6pm Syd! Tune in to FlairTV and watch the Semi-Finals, Bronze Final and Grand Final live as Fraze, Camma, Intro and Winegum duke it out for their share in the $510 AU Prize Pool!

Monday, 30th March
Fraze vs Intro: 6pm Syd
Camma vs Winegum: 7pm Syd
Bronze Final: 8pm Syd
Grand Final: 9pm Syd

Prize Pool:
1st: $175
2nd: $100
3rd: $65
4th: $50
5-8th: $40

Map List:
Aerowalk, Blood Run, Lost World, Cure, Furious Heights, Sinister, Toxicity
All four match ups will be a best of five. Map selection: pick, pick, ban, ban, pick, pick, decider

Stream: FlairTV
Links: ESR Thread

  4sg Summer Warmup VoDs

Posted by phy1um on Tue, 24th March 2015 @ 7:46am

Quarter Final: Intro vs Stelf

Quarter Final: Winegum vs Josh

Other Quarter Final Games: Fraze vs Traits, Storm vs Camma

  4sg Summer Warmup Finals

Posted by mick05 on Mon, 16th March 2015 @ 9:15pm

Finals stage is released here

Thank you for those who were able to play some matches. Unfortunately, the scene has repeated itself with numerous drop outs or afk players. Thanks to intro who has been trying to organise people's games but ultimately it comes down to you, the players. We've pushed through all matches except for one. Mylesman vs Storm will go-ahead this early this week with the winner proceeding to Camma. All first round final games are BO5 with pick first ban second then the remaining maps are selected. Please note players who fail to play their matches who would be entitled to a cash prize will not receive the cash prize as per the rules agreed to before signing up

Round 1 games have until the 22nd to be played
Fraze vs Traits
Intro vs Stelf
Camma vs (winner of myles/storm)
Josh vs Winegum

Winegum/Phy1um/Mindconfusion have offered assistance in streaming or post-demo casting. Please contact them directly through these forums

  Summer Warmup Group Stage

Posted by mick05 on Mon, 2nd March 2015 @ 7:49am

Groups are out

We will be trying to bring you as many matches as we can either through live stream or casting demos. Top 2 proceed from groups!

All group games are best of 5 pick,pick,ban,ban,pick,pick,decider
Groups go from 2nd of March until the 15th of march players organise their own games within this time frame (and submit myself demos)


Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Remember what they are playing for!
1st: $175
2nd: $100
3rd: $65
4th: $50
5-8th: $40

  Last Chance Qualifier: 1/3 18:00 SYD

Posted by mick05 on Mon, 23rd February 2015 @ 8:23pm


As the situation unfolded on Sunday we were unable to spawn servers and unable to play out our last open qualifier. Because of this we have collaboratively decided to invite Parkinson, Dox and Instinctt whom all showed promising signs in the qualifier and have been outstanding duelers in Quake Live for a while. The 2nd Chance Qualifier will still go ahead as planned taking players from the 3 qualifiers played out and also strong players who signed up for the 4th. Intro will be running the competition and hopefully phy1um or Aeol can stream again! The final list for the 2nd chance qualifier is:


Checkin Opens: 4:30pm SYD
Checkin Closes: 5:50PM SYD
Games Start: 6PM SYD

Brackets are already made
Stream (Games Start: 6PM)

Please don't forget the key rules for tonight


Double Elimination
7 maps - Aero, Bloodrun, Furious, Cure, Lostworld, Sinister, Toxicity
BO3 Matches - Picks/Bans for all stages - pick, pick, ban, ban, ban, ban, remainder
Lower Bracket Finals will also be BO5 (no maps in hand)

  AU/NZ QL Invitational 2014 VODS

Posted by intro on Thu, 26th February 2015 @ 9:37am

Finally got around too uploading these games. Most of the games were lost, all of Group C games were lost. Some of Group B games are there although i didn't bother uploading them because they weren't that exciting. I did upload all of the Group A games though.Lastly all of the finals were lost although there is still the Fraze vs Rep semi although the last map got lost.

Playlist - ... IOfAQEjwLm
Grand Final (streamed by zlive) -

  Reflex Comp Sunday 8th March 1PM AEST et al.

Posted by remmius on Sun, 22nd February 2015 @ 10:14am

Reflex (, an up and coming next-gen arena shooter built for twitch gamers by Australian developers, has started to kick off here in Australia, with 6 decent servers hosted in Sydney and a New Zealand based server available for play. We've seen the return of old players from other shooters, and new players alike and would love if you could join us and contribute to the testing and development of the game, whilst having a fun time along the way.

The current release is 0.30.4 but 0.31 is due out very soon too. The next patch is promised to deliver performance increases and DX10 support along with some other changes.The game is still pre-alpha, early access on Steam and available from the Humble store as a single Steam key (~$10US) or a 4-pack with a discount (~$30US). If you're interested in playing I thoroughly encourage you to band together and purchase a 4-pack so you can get in on this action.

We're currently developing a small community of players on IRC on - something we'd like to expand to it's potential. You can connect via the mIRC client or any other IRC client you choose, or use the QuakeNet Web-Chat client.

This brings me to the competition news. will be hosting a duel cup on the with a round robin stage in groups of 4 and then the top two players from each group will go into a double elimination best of 3 bracket. As yet no prizes have been announced, but you can sign up on You'll need to be in IRC and signed up on Challonge to play, check-ins are at 12:30PM AEST.


- $150 for 1st place
- $70 for 2nd place
- $25 for 3rd place

Map Pool: thct1, bdm3, dp4, dp5, thcdm13 - these are all on our servers locally. So prac up on these to get your chances of winning together.

In the group stages, it will be high seed ban, low seed ban, high seed ban, low seed ban
In the Bo3 finals, it will be hs ban, ls ban, hs pick, ls pick with the remaining map as the decider

nb. anyone who can add to this prize pool would be loved forever, I'm a student and this is coming out of my own pocket, with a large donation by qhat. Cheers

Random Giveaways to Participants:

Hotline Miami steam gift
Portal steam gift

There are also 5x Reflex keys to give away to participants or people on the stream we are trying to organise! If we can't organise a stream/casting, these will be raffled off to random participants for you to invite a friend.

If you can help out with any minor monetary donations or major donations to make this prize pool even better, that would be great!!! Just message me in the forums!

At present, the game isn't too well optimized, even for more recent video cards, but on the Reflex forums you can find performance tweaks to increase your framerate and smooth out your gameplay. Remember though - performance tweaks are coming within the week (or so I hear).


//low quality settings
cl_corpse_time 0.000000
cl_gibs_expire_time 1.000000
cl_gibs_maxcount 1
r_bloom 0
r_dynamic_lights 0
r_dynamic_shadows 0
r_fullscreen 1
r_fxaa 0
r_resolution 1366 768 //or lower

Maps are being developed all the time with the built in multiplayer map editor and included on our Australian servers. We currently play in rotation cpm maps generally, but have also been playing maps like bdm3, thct1, thcdm13, dp4, and dp5. These were the maps used in the European cup that was held over the weekend.

We also have a Steam community - find us here.

Hope you can join us on IRC and in-game!


  LAST QUALIFIER 4: 22/2 18:00 SYD

Posted by mick05 on Sun, 22nd February 2015 @ 8:17am


UPDATE: Currently unable to spawn any servers in any location around the world. Something has gone wrong at iD Software end. Have to postpone competition to an announced date. Public servers are no good because can't call votemap! Means everybody gets some extra time to practice for the last open qualifier

Reminder: Parkinson vs Instinct 5:30PM SYD

iNtro will be taking charge of the competition so please either jump on irc, use the webchat client or add iNtro to ql friends. Phy1um(+1 if somebody wants to ask him) will be helping out tonight with streaming/match submission where he can thanks to Reythe for providing the host and stream. All links below. Hopefully we get more turning out tonight or if you can please notify us that you can't make it

Signups Close: 5PM SYD
Checkin Opens: 4:30pm SYD
Checkin Closes: 5:30PM SYD
Games Start: 6PM

This is an example of the checkin system found on the participants page when the tourney starts

Select your name from the drop down, put in the password you registered with and press checkin.
if you have any problems checking in, or signing up for the comp last minute. Please contact zlr directly to manually put you in the competition. If you signup between 4:30PM and 5PM you will be automatically checked in

Stream (direct link)

* It's not too late to signup*

Please don't forget the key rules for tonight


Double Elimination
7 maps - Aero, Bloodrun, Furious, Cure, Lostworld, Sinister, Toxicity
BO3 Matches - Picks/Bans for all stages - pick, pick, ban, ban, ban, ban, remainder
Grand Finals are BEST OF 5 - 1 map in hand to upper bracket winner

Add iNtro to QL friends list and go on IRC for submitting scores or if you have any issues /questions

  2 Qualifiers down, 2 to go

Posted by mick05 on Mon, 16th February 2015 @ 8:35pm

Congratulations to both Bren and Traits who have now qualified for the main event. Intro has proposed to open up the 2nd chance qualifier to both 2nd and 3rd place qualifier finishes to receive spots, assuming they don't qualify in the 3rd of 4th. This means that now the top 3 from the 2nd Chance will move into the invited groups.

So far we have participating in the 2nd Chance Qual: Dox, Mica, Parkinson and Kanji. Statistics pages are now up on both qual1 and qual2 pages.

It's not to late to participate if you head over to here or if you'd like to catch some of the games checkout what reythe, phy1um and a host of players had to say about the matches on our twitch. Good luck to those still wanting to qualify